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Charlene Malone

Hi, we went to self defence last week, we all did really well. We did some punching and blocking. A few weeks ago we went to Chester zoo. It was […] Read More

A quick update

Hi everyone. Sorry we’ve been away for a few weeks we’ve been busy. In February we all went to Manchester Peoples First for their annual talent show. We had lots […] Read More

Charlene Malone

Good morning all, It’s pancake day today. I’m looking forward to my pancakes tonight. We’ve got Manchester People’s Firsts Got Talent coming up next week so we’re all busy practicing. […] Read More

Laura Cowsill

Hi, I enjoyed shopping today. I like drumming on a Monday and I’m looking forward to Venture Arts coming back to do some more work with us, I’d like to […] Read More

Paul Thomas

Hello, Paul Thomas here. I’ve been writing some lyrics I enjoy copying them from my song sheets that I have at home. I like Phil Collins. I enjoy watching the […] Read More

Melissa’s update.

Hi everybody, On Monday we did percussion I really like it. In the afternoon it was choice. I enjoy using the laptop during choice to play some of my favourite […] Read More

Members blog

Last year some of the group did a computer course with Jim. He taught us how to use the internet and how to use the blog so from now on […] Read More


Hello everybody and a happy new year. Today some of us went back to drama at The Edge Theatre in Chorlton. Firstly we did some exercises to warm up then […] Read More