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Martin C

I love coming to The Shaw Centre. I like the new building because we can use the sensory room upstairs at Redbank House. Its relaxing and I enjoy looking at […] Read More

Gwen Hough

My name is Gwen. I am 72 years old. I always go for my check ups and flu jabs. I like to keep healthy so I can get out and […] Read More

Hi everybody, This year we published our very own book. In the book were lots of different stories. My story was my own version of Pinocchio’s love life. We had […] Read More

Margaret Keogh

I have been having a lot of fun at the Shaw Centre the past week. On Wednesday I went out with all my friends to go watch Downton Abbey and […] Read More

Christine Joyce

My name is Christine. I have been coming to the Shaw Centre for about 8 years. I attend on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but recently I started to volunteer too, […] Read More

Laura Cowsill

I love self defence, its lots of fun. I love shopping at the Fort, Asda Harpurhey and Harpurhey market. I cant wait for my birthday we are having an indoor […] Read More

Althea Slaven

We do activities at The Shaw Centre. We do sing a long and Zumba, also we watch films. I enjoy it at The Shaw Centre, I like using the laptops, […] Read More

Charlene Malone

I like coming to The Shaw Centre so that i can spend time with my friends. The staff are nice and they’re good at sorting out problems. I like Laura […] Read More

Christine Joyce

On Thursday 14 June we had an open day. Lots of people came to see the new centre.It was a  good day and the food was very nice. Some of […] Read More

Melissa Ward July 18

I have been having lots of fun at The Shaw Centre. We have moved to a new building called Redbank House. We all like it here. there are of places […] Read More