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Margaret Keogh

I have been enjoying craft sessions at The Shaw Centre. I have been making lots of things, I made a paper mache vase, a paper peacock, birthday cards and a […] Read More

Paul Thomas

We have been busy busy busy… at the moment we are really enjoying playing pool. We have tournaments and single matches. We try to have a game every day because […] Read More

Gwen Hough

A few words from Gwen Hough.   It’s nice to have friends like Danielle and the other staff, they look after us when they take us out. I enjoyed going […] Read More

Margaret Keogh

I had a good weekend. On Friday I bought a bottle of wine. I had two small glasses on Friday and two small glasses on Saturday. On Sunday I relaxed […] Read More

Althea Slaven

In the morning I woke up and I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I had a wash and brushed my teeth. I changed my clothes then The Shaw […] Read More

Melissa and Paul

In December we are going to the Christmas markets in town. It is my birthday in December so me and my friends are going to celebrate. We will go to […] Read More


I got up this morning and had a nice breakfast. Then I had a wash in the bathroom. I changed my clothes then put my coat on and hat on. […] Read More

Susan, Margaret and Martin C

Yesterday in craft we made some Halloween decorations – dangling ghosts! For Halloween we are having a buffet and playing some games, some of us are getting dressed up in […] Read More

Charlene Malone

I have lots of friends at The Shaw Centre. I like it when everyone is friendly to each other and we all get along. There’s lot’s of activities to choose […] Read More

Alan S

In July we went to Bradshaw Hall Fisheries for the second time. It was perfect weather for fishing. I caught 6 fish they were carp and perch. Shame I didn’t […] Read More