Christine Joyce

13th March 2017

Good morning. We’ve Got. A. Talent. Show. Coming. Up. At. Mpf We’ve. Go. Lots. Of practacing To do in. The. Coming. Weeks. I’m. Going To. Be. Karen. Carpenter and sing. On. Top of the world. In. December. We had. A. Christmas. Party. We. All. Dressed. Up. In. Fancy clothes. We had. A. Raffe I won a bottle of wine. And bag of. Beauty products. Was. A. Good day my mum. Enjoyed. To,,too. When. First came. To the show. Centre I was. Very shaky Quiet at. And Amal as will. All. The. Are. Ok. I lie maths and English and. I like doing coming and cards making. And doing swimming going. Out with. Them sometime


Written by Christine Joyce

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