Gwen Hough

30th September 2019

My name is Gwen. I am 72 years old. I always go for my check ups and flu jabs. I like to keep healthy so I can get out and about.

On Monday, Tuesday and Friday I go to The Shaw Centre, Redbank.

They are happy to have me in their family. The staff are great and like to look after me. We get out and about when we can. I have been going to the centre for a long while now. I come on the Ring and Ride or sometimes I get a taxi.

I enjoy the activities especially sing a long, tai chi and dancing. I love to take time out to write poems too. I am a good drawer and very good at card making. I like to make cards for people at the centre I make them for my family too.

We always get a good meal at lunch time. Today we had sausage, new potatoes, vegetables and gravy but my favourite meal is a simple beans on toast.

I’m glad to have the centre to come to, it gets me out and about.


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