Charlene Malone

7th October 2019

I have lots of friends at The Shaw Centre. I like it when everyone is friendly to each other and we all get along.

There’s lot’s of activities to choose from. Monday and Tuesday are my favourite days.

On Monday mornings I like to go out, we go shopping, cinema or just a walk round town. If I don’t go out I like to help make the lunches and clean up, after lunch I chill out and play games or listen to music on the iPad.

On Tuesday morning we go swimming, we get the bus to the Aquatics Centre. After lunch I like to do craft but sometimes I like to just chill out so I go in the quiet room, lye on the sofa and listen to meditation music.

Thursday I go to drama at The Edge Theatre in Chorlton. I have been going to drama for about 5 years. I love acting and I love it when we do a show. My mum comes to see me in the show, seeing me on stage makes her feel very proud, it makes me feel proud too.



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