Susan, Margaret and Martin C

9th October 2019

Yesterday in craft we made some Halloween decorations – dangling ghosts!

For Halloween we are having a buffet and playing some games, some of us are getting dressed up in our scary costumes. We will play musical bingo too, in musical bingo we have two teams who have a sheet of paper with different songs on – a bit like a bingo sheet but with songs instead of numbers. When our song is played we tick of the song. When all our songs have been ticked off we shout MUSICAL BINGO! It’s lots of fun because some of our favourite songs are played and we can all sing and dance along.

Sometimes we help Paula in the kitchen. We make soups, salad, pies, sandwiches and lots of other things for lunch.

Sometimes we do baking, today we are making scones -yum yum! we will put jam and cream on them when they are baked and cooled.

Every other Friday Christine volunteers. In the morning we have a knit and natter group, some of us are making pom poms and some of us are knitting squares, when the we have lots of squares we will put them all together to make a big blanket.

On a Friday afternoon we have sing along with Andy. He plays a guitar and sings some of our favourite songs- we all join in and have a dance. For the people that don’t like to sing Christine runs a card making session. We make birthday cards, Christmas cards, Halloween cards and any other card we can think of!

Craft is our favourite activity, we go in the craft room as much as we can.



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