Chat to Laura Cowsill

23rd March 2020

Following on from last weeks public health announcement the difficult decision was taken to close The Shaw Centre.  We didn’t take the action lightly but in the current climate we felt that this was our only option. We will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

While we are closed we will be keeping in contact with our group members. Today I had a chat with Laura Cowsill on What’s app video call. It was lovely to hear from her, she told me whats shes been up to over the past few days.

On Friday Laura and her parents celebrated Mothers Day early, they had a relaxing stroll around Heaton Park during the day, in the evening they had a take out curry and a couple of drinks. Laura had a prawn korma followed by a glass of parma violet cider.

On Saturday Laura spent the day at home, she watched the original Oliver and had afternoon tea, she had some cake and an egg sandwich followed by a baileys hot chocolate. (sounds divine)

Laura is missing the centre, she enjoys spending time with her friends and was quite concerned about our older group members. I told her we will be keeping in contact with people, hopefully this will lift their spirits.

Laura has a boyfriend who she cant see but she is keeping in contact with him on face time. She told me how they went on a date a few weeks ago, they had afternoon tea in a posh hotel.

Going on respite is very important to Laura, Laura and her carers go to the caravan in Wales but this is something else that has been cancelled because the caravan park has been closed down.

Laura is doing well and understanding how important it is to keep safe. Laura said how much the corona virus is upsetting everyone and their routine  because nobody is entirely sure what is going on or when things will be back to normal.

Its important that we have something to look forward to so we spoke about what we will do when the centre re opens; Laura would like to do some microwave cookery sessions – she had some ideas for recipes. She would like to make homemade fish fingers, homemade vegetarian chicken nuggets, vegetarian sausage rolls and a healthy carrot cake; I’m sure this is something we can mange and the rest of the group will enjoy these meals too!

Laura is looking forward to August because its her birthday, hopefully corona virus would of cleared off by then and we can celebrate Laura’s birthday in style!

I will speak to somebody else tomorrow and update our blog.

Everyone please stay safe and follow governments advice.

Take care, Danielle


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