Corona-diaries day 2

24th March 2020

Today I had a chat with Gwen, I asked what she thought of our current situation. She said  she watched the Prime Minister last night and thought he had plenty to say for himself. Gwen explained how she thought that every day feels like a Sunday. All the schools are closed, there’s not many people about and the TV is full of repeats. I have to agree it does feel very much like a month of Sundays.

She was looking forward to 2020 she thought we would have a good year but firstly we had lots of bad weather and couldn’t go out much – now we have some good weather we cant go out because of the corona virus. Luckily Gwen celebrated her birthday in February and managed to get out, she went for a meal with some of her friends from the centre which she is very glad about.

Gwen told me she is missing the staff and her friends at the centre but she is keeping busy. She has written lots of poems which I am looking forward to reading. (We will post them on here when we reopen) She has also been busy making cards for her family and watching some of her favourite TV programmes such as Corry and Emmerdale.

Gwen told me how all of her family are pulling together and looking out for each other, she has sisters, nieces and nephews and of course, she has her budgie (Blue) who she adores. She has been out shopping and stocked up on essentials for herself and Blue. Blue has plenty of bird  seeds and sandpaper and Gwen has plenty of food and craft products to keep her going for the next few week.

Of course we need something to look forward to so I asked Gwen if there was anything she would like to do when we reopen. Gwen would like to go to a farm, she would like a pub lunch and a walk to the shops.

I will catch up with Gwen again at the end of the week.

Take care all, stay home and stay safe.

Danielle .


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