Corona-diaries Day 3

25th March 2020

We had lots of video chats yesterday. We think it is important to keep in contact with the group members to reassure them. Being isolated at home is hard for us all, imagine having your routine turned upside down and not fully understanding why. We believe all of our parents and carers are doing a fantastic job but we would like you to know that we are here and we will help where we can.

We spoke to Charlene and her Mum. Charlene loves to keep busy and she likes to go out every day to visit her Nana but she can’t visit her which is upsetting Charlene. She also goes to stay with Fran, Lisa and Will on respite once a month, last weekend was the last time Charlene could access respite for the foreseeable.

Charlene enjoyed her last visit to Fran’s, she did some gardening, cleaning, exercises and baking. She told me the cakes were delicious and she brought some home for mum – they enjoyed them with a cuppa.

At home Charlene has been helping mum around the house and in the garden. I imagine the house is gleaming with Charlene around and I believe the garden path was almost swept away!

We also spoke to Bobby who is missing the centre very much but he is missing football even more! He has also been busy helping mum around the house. He’s been helping with the cooking, cleaning and sorting out cupboards. Bobby and mum also enjoyed a walk yesterday for their daily exercise.

Laura S joined the call too she went out with Dad on a long country walk making the most of the lovely weather we’re having whilst following the social distancing rules – good choice Laura, the weather is beautiful.

We had a chat to Laura C too. She is busy doing puzzles and chatting to friends and her boyfriend on Facebook.

Nadim popped in too. He is at home with Mig he is also missing the centre he asked when we will be open again but we just don’t know. Hopefully this virus will pass soon and we can all get back to normality.

We will be having some more video calls today trying to keep spirits up.

Remember to keep safe.


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