Corona-diaries Day 4

26th March 2020

Good morning all. Hope we are all OK and keeping safe.

We are loving our Whats-app group. We are having daily video calls to the group members and helping each other  sharing links and chatting about what we have been up to.

Today at 11.30am Iain who runs our drumming sessions will be streaming a live workshop. The link is on our Facebook page. You will be able to watch after 11.30, just that it will be live at that time.

We have also found some virtual quizzes that look like fun. I will share the link to our Facebook page – it might be fun for the family to join in with a glass of wine or two.

So yesterday we spoke to Catherine M. She is missing going out, she enjoys spending her free time sipping coffee in a cafe and shopping with mum. She also spends her time with her carers while mum is out at work but that’s something she cant do – shes stuck in the house like the rest of us but she is keeping herself busy. before we was all told to isolate she went out shopping and bought herself lots of craft items. She loves to make cards and she knows when everybody’s birthday is. I expect she will have cards made for the next 12 month.

Other than making cards Catherine has been helping her parents at home. She has been cooking and cleaning – sounds like all you parents and carers are getting lots of help at the moment.

Nicky had a chat to Fran. Fran is staying with Lisa and Will at the moment – Lisa and Will are still busy working but of course Fran has been a big help. She enjoys spending time in the office, shredding paper and brewing up for our fantastic key workers. When Fran finished work yesterday she went home to make dinner, she made chilli and enjoyed a glass of wine.

Laura C popped in again, she misses us at the centre. She is busy doing her puzzles and mum is busy with cleaning – we will all have sparkling clean houses when this is all over.

Charlene is enjoying the weather and spending some time in the garden. Yesterday she planted some seeds. We will get some photos and post them to our Facebook page.

Paul T has just joined the group so we will look forward to speaking to him this afternoon.

Laura S was out walking in Alderly Edge again, enjoying the weather. Don’t worry she was sticking to the social distancing rules, there was not a soul to be seen.

Anyway 5 minutes till Iain is live. Hope you join in.

I will update you all again tomorrow.

Take care.



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