Corona-diaries – day 5

27th March 2020

Good afternoon, day 5 of isolation. How are we all finding it? We are having lots of contact with the group via video call. We have also found lots of virtual things to do such as quizzes, drumming with Ian, craft, karaoke even a virtual trip around Chester Zoo all available on our Facebook Page. I believe Laura C and Bobby are watching the zoo right now.

Yesterday Nicky spoke with Damian on the phone he has been staying in doors so that he doesn’t catch the virus, he has been having a relaxing shower every day and spending his time watching DVDs.

I spoke with Bobby and Charlene – they are keeping very busy – They have both been doing lots of cleaning. They’ve had the kick boards off in the kitchen, cleaning under cupboards, washing cutlery, hoovering, wiping and scrubbing.

Charlene helped to make tea on Wednesday night, she made chicken wraps with salad – sounds like she did a good job. Maybe she will be cooking for us when the centre reopens.

We spoke about our favourite food and what we order if we went to the chip shop. Charlene would have curry and rice or fish chips and curry. Bobby would have pudding, chips and gravy.

We also spoke about where we will be going when the isolation is over. Charlene and Bobby’s mum would head straight into town to go to the shops. Bobby and I will be going to the pub. Bobby’s mum would like to go to the cinema too.

When we reopen we will definitely be organising a pub lunch, hopefully the weather stays good so we can enjoy the beer garden.

We have asked Charlene to take some photos of the flowers she planted – we will post the photos on our Facebook page.

Bobby is still enjoying his daily exercise – he takes a walk to the local park.

Charlene spoke about what she would like to see on the menu when the centre reopens. She would like curry and rice, chilli with jacket potato, pasta in a tomato sauce with garlic bread, pizza and ice cream. I think the kitchen will be busy and the group will enjoy lots of cooking sessions.

We spoke to Paul yesterday too, he is watching lots of TV, helping mum with cleaning and having  lots of chats on the phone with his friends.

This morning we had a staff meeting via video call we spoke about some things that will be happening next week. As well a the usual video calls we are hoping to have a video craft session with Philomena, a creative writing session, more drumming with Ian, a video cookery session with Paula and a game of bingo. We are not sure how the bingo will work just yet but bare with us and we will get it sorted.

Later on we will speaking with Paul, Laura and Chrisitne.

Tonight we will be in our virtual bar sipping cold refreshing drinks via video call – we will add photos to or Facebook page.

Parents and carers if you haven’t downloaded Whats app then please give it a try – the group are really enjoying the video call we are having. Just let us know when you have down loaded the app and we will give the person you care for a ring. If anybody knows of another way we can  chat then please send your ideas to us. We have tried hangouts on Google but its not great – we think that due to peoples internet connection.

Take care and if you have a spare minute then please give our Facebook page a like and share.


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