Corona diaries – day 8 (I think)

31st March 2020


We have been working hard to keep our group members  busy. Lots of links have been posted on our Facebook page. Take a look.

I haven’t posted since Friday but we have still had lots of contact with the group.

On Friday evening we opened our virtual bar. We poured a drink and had a video chat. We had lot of laughs.

We have been speaking to the group members on Whats App and Zoom – its working really well, the group are enjoying interacting with each other in our virtual day centre. 

So let me tell you how we have been keeping busy.

Bobby has been taking his dog out for a walk with his dad. He enjoys going out for his exercise and some fresh air but he is getting a bit fed up because he is missing his friends – our video calls cheer him and his mum up.

Duncan dropped in on Zoom. He is staying with his mum in Carlisle. He has been keeping busy by going out for walks with his family. He is taking this opportunity to get fit and do lots of exercise. He had a chat with Alan today, Alan is doing well but also getting a bit fed up. 

Humenya dropped in too. She is busy with college work but she said she will make some time to make a cooking video- the group suggested a mild curry or some chicken tikka – sound delicious! We will post the videos on Facebook.

Melissa set up her zoom account and had her first video chat with us. She has been staying at home with her mum, sister brother and nephew. She has been keeping busy watching films, helping mum around the house and listening to her music. When we had some nice weather last week, Mel enjoyed a little tipple in the garden with her family.

Laura S made some lovely rainbows to display in her window, photos are on our Facebook page. She isn’t feeling too well today – the group wished Laura well on our video call.

Laura C is still working on her dog puzzle and chatting to her friends and boyfriend on video chats. We could hear Laura’s dog barking in the background – I think he wanted to join in the call.

Fran loves to be out and about, she is missing the pub, the disco and all of her friends but she is keeping very busy. She is going to work with her sister Lisa (She has her own ID badge and gets paid wages! In the evening Fran has been joining in with virtual zumba classes, virtual quizzes with friends and on Friday she will join us for bingo. Fran might do some cooking tonight (depends how she feels) on the menu is pasta followed by another virtual zumba class using Zoom. She has also been watching DVDs – she watched Pete’s Dragon and Mary Poppins.
Catherine M loves craft she made a beautiful rainbow with her mum and displayed it in their window – photos are on Facebook.
Paul enjoys a chat too. He has now signed up to Zoom we will be catching up with him again tomorrow to do some creative writing.
We will have another update tomorrow.
I hope everyone is keeping safe and remember to keep in contact with your friends and family – a little chat can make someones day.
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