Corona-diaries day 9(ish)

1st April 2020

Good afternoon all,

Today has been a good day. The staff started the morning off with meeting via video link we have had lots ideas for our virtual activity centre – we are hoping to do some online videos demonstrating; how to download apps, cookery, craft and gardening. This isn’t a promise but we are trying our best.

We then had a chat to some of our creative writing group. Again the group are pulling together and creating a fantastic story. We will be running a virtual creative writing session again next Wednesday, Chellie and Noel will be chatting to us too!

I had a chat with Andy (our sing a long guy) we will be joining him on Zoom tomorrow from 1pm for our virtual sing a long session. The sessions will then run every Wednesday at 1.30pm – if you would like to join in then please let me know. I will leave my email address and our Facebook link at the bottom of the page.

Nicky had a chat with Catherine M, she had a bit of a chilled day yesterday – mum went out to do some shopping and Catherine helped to put it all away. She has been keeping herself busy watching Randy Horton on you tube and listening to Niall Horan on Alexa. She has a new desk and a leather chair.

Laura S spent some time making more rainbows and baking muesli cookies and she is off out for a walk this afternoon.

Nadim popped in. He said hi, asked when we are open then put the phone down on me!

We will be having some more video calls soon!

Take care.

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