Corona-diaries (April 8th)

8th April 2020

Hi all,

I haven’t updated our blog for a few days but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been super busy and  interactive.

Last Friday we had a fantastic game of bingo via Zoom. Melissa won – we will sort a prize out when we reopen.

On Good Friday we will be having a game of bingo and a quiz. On Easter Monday we will be chatting on Zoom.

Everybody has been trying to keep busy – Laura S and Laura C have been drawing lots of pictures for our new book (Hopefully released at Christmas). Some of us have been out for walks (got to get our daily exercise in) Some of us have been helping in the garden and around the house and some of us are helping our parents and carers to cook.

This morning we had a creative writing session on Zoom. We had lots of ideas – our characters have been created and our stories are taking shape. We have set some tasks for the group – we need lots of drawings to fill the pages with colour. Chellie, who helps us with illustrations joined the session and Noel who helps to create our stories joined in too. Thank you both so much -the group had a great time.

We have been continuing our usual activities such as sing along, drumming, lots and lots of chats on zoom, bingo, craft and cookery. Some other activities have been posted on to our face book page. Did anybody do the scavenger hunt.?

On Monday we spoke about hosting a virtual talent show. The idea is for the group members to show us their talents, it could be singing dancing, writing a poem or story, juggling – anything that we are good at. The group will be recording their talents and sending them in to us. When we have received everybody’s entries we will then post the videos to our social media – who ever receives the most likes will be the winner. We will give out prizes when we reopen. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page access our Facebook page.

Iain is drumming Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This will be share on our Facebook page.

Please remember to keep in touch with friends and family it really does help to keep spirits up.



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