Corona diaries – April 14th

14th April 2020

Hi all.

We hope you all enjoyed Easter. Some of our group members made the most of the good weather – they went out for walks, bike rides, did some gardening and relaxed in the garden.

Charlene got lots of Easter eggs so she made some chocolate corn-flake cakes.

On Friday we had a quiz and a game of bingo on zoom. Melissa and Paul won the quiz with a score of 35 our of 35. Catherine M won the bingo.

As you can tell we have had lots of interaction with our group members and provided lots of activities.

We have asked the group to decorate pebbles and leave them in parks, fields and on pathways for people to find – when someone finds their pebble they can contact us on our Facebook page to show where it was found – (or you could make your own page for the pebbles journey) the person who finds the pebble must then leave the pebble somewhere else for somebody else to find. So keep an eye out for decorated pebbles around Manchester!

This week we have lots more activities to look forward to. We have singing, creative writing, drama, bingo, drumming, craft and cooking! lots of the session will take place on Zoom but some are posted on our Facebook page.

We are also waiting for some more talent videos to be sent in – we are hoping to upload them on to Facebook on Friday so keep an eye out.

Keep safe guys.



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