Corona diaries April 23rd

23rd April 2020


We have had another busy few days. We very kindly received some funding from I♥MCR charity. With this funding we made up boxes of craft items, colouring books, bingo cards, jigsaws and a sweet treat for our group members. On Monday Nicky delivered boxes everyone that attends the centre- the boxes were received very gratefully.

Lots of photos of the group opening/using items have been posted on our social media pages.

I had a chat with Gwen on Monday- she loved her box. Gwen loves to get involved in craft projects her favourite thing to do (after writing poems) is make cards – the card from the box is exactly what she needed to keep her busy.

Gwen also told us that she had been writing poems, reading magazines, cleaning, cooking, and doing  lots of walking round the house. She also said how much she enjoy our phone calls – we enjoy chatting to you too Gwen.

Charlene had a lovely surprise when her box was delivered – she also enjoys craft. She told me that her and her sister were going to be making a peacock from the card and tissue paper. Charlene sends us lots of photos – she is always busy doing something such as colouring, baking, planting, cooking, dancing, playing on her tablet, listening to music.

Martin G enjoyed his box too. He likes to play bingo – we play bingo weekly on Zoom, having the cards is much easier than us having to post paper copies out every couple of week.

Martin has been enjoying the sunshine- his favourite thing to do (after watching football) is sit in the garden with a nice cold shandy.

Nichola and Denise have been for walks in Heaton Park, they have also been doing craft and spending time in the garden.

Catherine M celebrated her dads birthday last week- she helped mum to bake a cake – they burnt it a little but dad rescued it. She drank cocktails and spoke to her family on face time..

Laura C’s boyfriend has been poorly so she made him a birthday card to cheer him up. Laura loves craft and puzzles, she has been keeping herself very busy.

Christine has been doing crochet and knitting she is making a blanket.

Paul has been helping his dad in the garden, drawing and watching lots of TV.

Our group really have been keeping themselves busy and they love the interaction that we have as a centre. We chat on Zoom every day.

Next week I will be posting a timetable on our social media pages – new next week we will have Zoom Zumba with Jayne and hopefully some tai chi videos from David who runs the tai chi sessions at the centre.

Our videos are all posted on Facebook so that they can be accessed by members of the public who are looking for something to do – next week if there is an interest we will be offering our zumba and singing sessions to the public, just drop us an inbox for more info.

Hope you are all enjoying the good weather.

If you have any queries or would like more information about our service then drop us a message or give is a ring on 0161 203 5109.

I will update our members blog again very soon.

Take care, stay safe.

The Shaw Centre team


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