Corona diaries May 11th

12th May 2020

Hi all.

I haven’t updated our blog for a little while but everyone is well.

We have been chatting to the group on the phone, Zoom and Whats App every day as we believe even though they’re not accessing the centre at the moment, they still enjoy interacting with friends and having some sort of routine in their lives – its good that we can make that happen – with the help of modern technology of course!

We have a virtual timetable that is posted on to our social media pages at the start of each week, it usually looks a little bit like this:

Monday – Craft video and Zoom chats

Tuesday – Cooking video and Zoom chats

Wednesday – Creative writing and Sing along

Thursday – Drama and Zoom chats

Friday – Family bingo and quiz.

As well as activities on the timetable we post lots of other bits and bobs on our social media – we usually have a video of Iain (our drummer), some craft videos and anything else that we come across while surfing the web.

So, what have our members been up to?

Since closure we have received 2 lots of funding which helped us to put together some activity packs for our group members – We have delivered electronic tablets, craft products, bingo boards and puzzles! Take a look at our social media pages for photos (the group have been sending in lots)

While the weather is nice our group members have enjoyed spending time in the garden. Paul has built a bird box, Laura C has made a scarecrow. Charlene has planted flowers. Martin G has enjoyed the odd shandy sat in the sun while others have spent their time crafting in the sun.

Some of the group have enjoyed bike rides and walks round their local park.

Its lovely to see everyone keeping busy.

If you or somebody you know is interested in joining us on Zoom then drop us an inbox or an email. We have seen a couple of new faces recently which has been lovely – Fridays bingo and quiz is always enjoyable for all.

We have some craft projects planned for reopening one of which is a fashion show – the group will be designing and making their own clothes, when they’re complete we will put on a small in house fashion show so that their hard work can be shown off.

We also have lots of tasty menus prepared and hopefully when social distancing rules have been relaxed we will be hosting afternoon tea for our group members and their families.

If you would like any information on our service then please contact us – all contact info below.





Phone: 0161 203 5109



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