Corona diaries June 4th

4th June 2020

Hi all….

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

We have now completed the stories for our new book. Now it is time to put it all together ready to be published in time for Christmas 2020.

We are still continuing with the creative writing sessions. Here is a short story  that the group put together during our last session.

It was a very hot summer day. There was a little bot called Thobias playing outside in his garden with his friend Gregory. They played football.

Mum called the boys in for some lunch. After lunch they headed off to the shops on their bikes for ice cream. Mum gave them some money and asked them to buy some food for a BBQ.

The boys were excited to be having a BBQ. They bought burgers, hot dogs, ribs, salad, sweetcorn, baguettes, cake, cherryade and cream soda!

The boys loaded the shopping in to the basket on the front of their bikes and headed home.

On the way home they bumped into some friends, they were 3 brothers called John, Jim and James.

“Come to our house” said James. “We have a new paddling pool and swings!”

Thobias and Gregory followed the brothers to their house.

They threw down their bikes and ran to the swings, Thobias swung high into the sky, but OOHHH NOOO!

He swung too high and he fell off into the paddling pool! there was an almighty splash! The water splashed all over the food for  the BBQ!

“Ohhh Nooo!” shouted Thobias, “Mum will be so cross, the baguettes are ruined and everything is soaked!”

John said ” Stay here for a while – you’ll only be in trouble if you go home.”

“No, I must go home”said Thobias.

His friends laughed ” You’ll be grounded! You’ve been gone for ages!”

” I will be in big trouble but I still need to go home” said Thobias.

Thobias and Gregory headed home.

“Where have you been? Where is the food for the BBQ? You’ve been gone for hours!” shouted mum.

Thobias explained what happened – Mum didn’t believe him.

“Mum, come and look” said Thobias

They headed back to their friends house where the brothers were still having lots of fun, swinging high on the swings and splashing in the pool.

Mum laughed. “OK I believe you, I am glad that you’re safe but you must let me know where you are in future”

“Can we BBQ here mum? It’s lots of fun!” asked Thobias.

“Its OK with me if its OK with your friends mum” explained mum.

“Of course it is! ” said the brothers mum.

They started cooking and all had hours of fun with their friends….

The end

By Melissa, Paul, Nichola, Denise, Christine, Laura S and Laura C


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