Corona diaries 17th June

17th June 2020

Creative writing

For the past two sessions the group have been working on a short story. Here it is.


Trevor the Troll and friends.

Written by: Laura C, Melissa, Christine, Nichola, Denise and Paul

Once upon a time in the deep dark woods, in a deep dark cave lived a Troll. His name was Trevor.

He was as green as The Hulk, as tall as a tree and as round as an apple. He had feet as big as cars and his hair was as orange as a carrot. He had one brown eye, the other was purple. He had big sharp red teeth out of his dirty brown beard poked his purple button nose.

He wore blue trousers with yellow spots held up with braces and a green t-shirt with with blue stripes. On his smelly feet, he wore black sandals that were as smelly as cheese and out of his sandals stuck his big green toe nails.

One morning he woke up feeling very hungry so off he picked up his bow and arrow and went to hunt for some food. He set off stomping through the deep dark woods where he met  tiger called Tyrone.

Tyrone was orange with brown stripes and big brown eyes. He had teeth as sharp as knives.

“Hello” said Trevor. “I’m Hungry and I’m looking for some food, Do you want to help me?”

Tyrone was delighted, he had never had any friends before. Other creatures were usually scared of him because he was so big and scary looking but really he was a friendly tiger.

So off they went to hunt for food.

As they stomped through the woods they met a pixie called Polly. Polly had long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and wore a shiny golden crown. She had sparkling pink wings and a sparkling red wand and wore pink ballet shoes.

Trevor asked if she wanted to help them look for food. Polly was so pleased because she was hungry too.

Off they went to hunt for food.

As they went through the woods they met a mole called Martin. Martin was very cute he had blue eyes, a little pink nose and a little pink tongue that stuck out of his mouth.

“Do you want to hunt for food” asked Trevor. “Yes please” said Martin with excitement. Martin knew of a lake where they could go fishing.

So off they went to catch some fish.

At the lake was a fishing boat. They all climbed aboard. They sailed out to the middle of the lake.

The sky turned dark and huge raindrops started to fall. Then there was thunder and a bolt of lightning.

Tyrone the tiger trembled with fright.. “Let’s go back! I don’t like thunder storms” he said.

“No way!” said Trevor.. “I’m hungry and I want my food”

Tyrone searched for shelter. He found a blanket a quivered beneath it waiting for the storm to pass.

Martin and Polly didn’t mind the storm. They were happy to be with new friends.

Tyrone shot his bow and arrow into the lake, it disappeared so off the boat he dived after it hoping to catch some fish. He swam deep to the bottom of the lake. Polly and Martin peered overboard.

All of a sudden up swam Trevor with pockets full of fish..

“Hooray” Cheered Polly and Martin. Tyrone was till trembling under the blanket. Out peered his big shiny nose. “Can we go back now, I’m scared!”

“Yes” said Trevor. “We will go back to my cave and cook all of this fish.”

They ran back through the woods in the pouring rain. They were soaking wet.

Back at the cave they lit the fire to get dry and warm.

When the rain stopped Tyrone crept out from the cave.

Trevor cooked his new friends a beautiful fish supper which they all enjoyed very much.

The end!

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