The Shaw Centre

The Shaw Centre is a registered and provides activities for adults with learning disabilities.

The Shaw Centre which was founded approx. 30 years ago was until July 2011 known as Landridge House. The Shaw Centre is a small service providing activities for up to 111 Adults with Learning Disabilities (18 – 65yrs). The service was initially set up by a group of parents who were not happy with the services then provided for their children who had learning disabilities. It grew from being staffed purely by volunteers relying on donations to what we are today, a service purchased by social services* employing 6 people.

*The project is block purchased by Adult Social Care; this means all people are referred to us by the Community Learning Disability Team. We are open 5 days a week and are based at Redbank House, 4 St Chads St, Cheetham, M8 8QA

The Aim and Objectives of The Shaw Centre

To provide user led age appropriate activities for people with a learning disability (18plus). To include the people who come to The Shaw Centre day service in the development of the service

How We Achieve the Aims

The Shaw Centre believes in working in a manner that promotes self-advocacy, freedom of choice etc. This belief is built into our foundation and is the ethos of all our developments. We ensure wherever possible that choices throughout the day are given (this is dependent on staff availability). We work in a manner that enables and empowers people to make their own decisions, builds on self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem.

To achieve this The Shaw Centre Charity is committed to:

Ensuring that the staff are:

  • Provided with relevant training.
  • Receive regular job supervision and annual appraisals
  • Supported by the Trustees

Ensuring that the Trustees:

  • Work in line with their Legal Framework
  • Have an agreement to work towards the provision of the project
  • Have regular trustee meetings and oversee the running of the project.
  • Support the staff in the work that they do.
  • Be aware of and when possible call in to the day centre and interact with staff and students.